Christian Education

It is always a challenge to find vital, dynamic tools to energize and bring the curriculum to life.


Whether it is taking a contemporary look at figures from the Bible or Church history, or taking a look at how to apply Biblical truths to everyday situations, or simply exploring what we Christians believe.



Children love stories and they love to pretend. It is often how they learn best. Covenant Players' plays involve them from the start because we call on their imaginations to build our sets.

We also have exercises that enable the children to participate in creating their own plays.

Our plays empower children as they receive new insights and feel like they have discovered them all on their own.

The plays make the children want to learn more. Praise God.



Teenagers ask questions. They rarely accept “pat” answers. They want to find the answers for themselves. It’s what they do best. They can’t be stopped.

Sunday School needs to be a place where those questions can be asked and those answers sought - a place where real truth can be found.

In cooperation with your Sunday School leadership, the plays of Covenant Players are a tool in this quest. The vital part of this is that the leadership of your church - your church school teachers - will be on hand after Covenant Players have gone, serving as guides.



Who are the people that attend Adult Sunday School?

Some have been attending Sunday School all their lives and can’t imagine not attending. Some are new Christians and are ravenous to learn more about their new faith. Some have been church members much of their lives and are only now, often with more than a bit of embarrassment, coming to terms with what they DON’T know.

How do you bridge those gaps with a single lesson play? Covenant Players has been doing just that for over 50 years.

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