Drama Workshops

The church needs high professional standards in incorporating artistic media… drama, sculpture, music, painting… as communication to Christian development and understanding. In the artistic area of dramatic communication, Covenant Players shares these vitally high standards in a ministry of exciting potential for the church. The drama workshop provides the individual in the church with the means of becoming a significant communicator in the church, and in one's own life as well.


  • To stimulate creative abilities
  • To develop qualities that promote maturity, teamwork, co-operation and dependability
  • To help students gain confidence and poise
  • To improve body control and flexibility
  • To improve and develop coordination skills
  • To develop standards of evaluation for good theater and dramatic art

Concentration of study on these objectives depends on the length of the workshop. Workshops may range in length from three hours to ten weeks. The workshop is designed to reveal new insights in how we as humans can and do communicate with each other, and to increase one’s ability to use these insights. In this way, not only stage drama, but the drama of daily living comes alive, filled with an awareness of the individual’s potential to reach another human being!

Professional training in drama communication equips participants to continue this communicative ministry in their own church. While developing stage poise, body and voice control and character analysis, students can gain personal self-confidence and deeper understanding of human behavior.

The training material used is from Covenant Players repertoire of plays by Charles M. Tanner, and provides opportunity for discussion of the communicative process through drama. A drama festival for the entire church at the end of the workshop will allow participants to experience firsthand their own abilities to communicate. The Players will share in the program with several presentations.

Drama that touches the heart… the mind… and the soul.