A Ministry of Faith

Covenant Players is an interdenominational drama ministry that can perform anywhere, anytime. Needing only a small open space, a table or two, and a few chairs we can perform...

In your church:

  • In the Worship Center or Sanctuary as part or your worship or teaching time.
  • For a Special Event or Missions program.
  • As part of your Christian Education program – performing for either a large gathering or in individual classrooms.
  • As part of a Bible Study or other small group meeting.
  • As a drama, leadership or community building workshop.

As an outreach tool of your church:

For over 50 years Covenant Players has worked hand-in-hand with the leadership of the church to tailor-make individual programs to meet the needs of the individual churches and organizations we serve.

Let Covenant Players plan the program for you.

To serve you best we ask that you...

  • Tell us the topic, theme or focus you would like to target.
  • You tell us your goals and hopes for the program.
  • Let us know how much time we have to perform.

Then we plan the program to meet your criteria.