Affirming life - to the last full measure

Affirming life - in all its stages - is worth all the effort one can give.  No one is too young - or too old - to get caught up in DRAMA. Especially when that drama comes to them.

For over 50 years, Covenant Players has been specializing in communication.  Plays touch lives in a way that nothing else can through action, color, identification and impact.

Using the audience's imagination, Covenant Players seeks to use comedy, drama and sometimes even residents' involvement in a powerful program of uplift and encouragement.


Covenant Players Program is YOUR program

With over 2,000 plays, in various time lengths and styles, we are able, through consultation with you, to serve your needs - and the needs of your residents - for every occasion.

Using humor to uplift, wonderful material to encourage - or, if you like, to speak powerful words of faith, hope and love - our time with you will directly compliment your activities.


A message of care

Covenant Players' program doesn't end when the final play is over. We take time after every performance to meet with people, listen to them, talk with them - share with them one on one. 

Thus, our efforts become a part of your ongoing efforts.  And our plays remain in the hearts and minds of the audience. A total experience to encourage, refresh and uplift your residents.


Our staging is simple...

For a generation of people whose greatest moments of entertainment involved radio and live drama, the imagination is the doorway to stimulation, involvement and pure enjoyment. The basic equipment of Covenant Players is a couple of chairs and a folding table - and the audience's individual and collective imaginations.

Thus we're able to serve you and your residents anywhere there is room; dining facilities, lounges, activity rooms, auditoriums, anywhere - and still continue to provide top quality, professional drama.

We fit your format

We can be used in Extended Care programs, for Convalescent Homes, Retirement Centers, Senior Citizen clubs/organizations - even for your employees. We can provide an instant "no-fuss" event for the organizational/activities director of each facility; we have returned again and again to provide that exciting stimulation that is invaluable to every audience and group.


We are affordable!

Covenant Players is easily the most affordable resource of professional drama available today. 

This makes it possible for us to provide a 20-minute to one-hour program for virtually any kind of organization, in almost any cultural situation - serving small or large groups.

Hospitality in the way of lunch/dinner (within your facility, in order to provide more opportunities for interaction) may be requested for a unit of 2-5 persons. It is a very real pleasure for us to become a part of the ongoing service to those who hold our heritage.