School Comments

"I believe this is the fourth year in a row Covenant Players has done this. The kids’ grades have skyrocketed by seeing as well as reading about the subject.”
Greensburg, KY

"I used Covenant Players every year at my school in New England. It was a special school for kids in trouble, with problems, that kind of thing. We had a staff of 210. We just considered it part of our program to have you come. I love what you do. You get them truly involved with the subject matter. I find it especially effective when you draw the students out and that you get them up doing things with you. They really like that - watching their peers doing something. But it also draws out their real responses to what you’re doing. That is so valuable in education. I guess you could say I’m a fan.”
- Ridgecrest, CA

"I was drawn in by the quality of the writing and the high professional standards you have. I mean, you just don’t find things in the Christian world of such quality and depth. These kids really need to hear what you have to say and they need to see that they can achieve high quality without having to work for the secular world.”
- Stonington, CT

"You all do such an excellent job and communicate so well. We didn’t want to miss the opportunity. Our kids need this.”
- Okinawa, Japan

"I always enjoy your programs because you always have something relevant to offer, and you can say and implant more through your plays that will have more effect than all our talking.”
- Henley on Klip, RSA

"I’d never seen your program before and I was quite impressed. What you do with the students is so good. You are able to get them to speak – even those who never say anything in class. And your plays give such good messages, too. They aren’t just fun, they give the students something to chew on even after your program is over.”
- Saint Veit, Austria

"Well, you know how I feel about programs – I’m not really a fan of programs – I have so much to do, I just can’t stand to sit through a full program of any kind. But I had NO problem staying for this one – I stayed for the whole program, AND I’m going to the next one.”
School Principal - Crystal River, FL

"Your program is just right for our needs and our students. I loved the fact that you really engaged them – you didn’t just do things FOR them, you did things WITH them and made them think and express in English.”
- Salzburg, Austria

"You did very well with the students. They are hard kids but they all listened and participated well. I used CP in my school over 12 years ago and this program was as wonderful as I remembered them being back then!”
- Palermo, Italy