Small Groups


  • 30-90 minute programs featuring performance of plays, audience involvement exercises and discussion.
  • 3-6 hour Workshops featuring: Exercises tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of the group. Performance of plays and discussion. An experience that will focus and highlight personal challenge, encouragement and community building.



Parents work. Kids need a safe and vital place to after school. Perhaps your church provides that.

Is this just a place to come and play or maybe even do homework? It can also be a place of Inspiration.

Covenant Players can help provide that.

With plays that focus on character and making right choices, Covenant Players will help you send these children home excited about their day - and sharing that excitement with their family.



Pool parties, pizza, movies, sports and ... well, you know the rest. These are the things that interest many of the people that attend “Youth Groups.” It will always be a challenge to direct these interests toward their own spiritual needs or the needs of others.

Covenant Players can help.

With plays that make them laugh while also making them think, Covenant Players meets the youth where they are. We also remind your youth that the Lord may be calling specifically to them.



"I’m out here on my own."

"Outside of work, who am I in these new settings?" "Are there interesting people out there who don’t need to prove how terrific they are?"

"I don’t want to run the church, but I would like to feel like I’m contributing." "Is there a place where I can ask questions that are important to me without feeling like a complete idiot?"

Covenant Players has plays that will stimulate and challenge young singles and help them know they’re not alone.



  • Women’s Prayer Groups
  • Women’s Bible Studies
  • Women’s Fellowship
  • Women’s Craft Groups
  • Single Moms
  • Mom’s Day Out

Just because women know they have needs, doesn’t mean those needs are being met. Having needs met, while meeting the needs of others, is truly fulfilling.

In today’s church, women are at the heart of all that takes place. Drama reaches out to the whole person – the intellect, the emotions and the spirit.

The plays of Covenant Players challenge all of us to look at ourselves – as well as beyond ourselves – to discover God’s truth for us as individuals.



  • Men’s Prayer Breakfasts
  • Men’s Bible Studies
  • Men’s Fellowship
  • Promise Keepers

All those “male bonding” jokes aside, men need places where they can meet with other men. Men also need places where they know they can ask questions about their faith and spirituality.  It would be great to know they are needed beyond ushering and maintenance of the church facility. Becoming mentors of the boys and young men of the church - this is an important calling!

Through our plays, discussion, and interactive programs, Covenant Players can meet your men where they are and give them new ways of looking at the challenges and blessings of their faith.



Couples Groups cover a wide spectrum of age range and interests.

From the moment we marry, the person we marry begins to change - and so do we. Finding the way to stay in touch with those changes, without being frightened by them, is a challenge to all couples.

Marriage communication, parenting skills, a Christ-centered relationship – these are the issues that face every couple.  Not every couple has experienced positive role models.  Covenant Players’ plays are a time-proven method for demonstrating role models who face real challenges and work through real struggles.



The great challenge for both the worship team and the choir is that they serve the congregation best when they are seen as an entity rather than as a group of individuals.

This is a constant test of humility and community focus. The common bond and saving grace is they love both music and being part of leading worship.

Covenant Players can help support your choir and/or worship team through programs and workshops designed to encourage, sharpen focus and build community.



Not many church drama groups last long. There are a lot of reasons for this. Probably, the most prominent reason is that it usually takes a visionary leader to keep a drama group going.  In the absence of a visionary leader, you need structure.

Covenant Players can help you identify and develop the structure necessary to keep a drama group going.

In an afternoon or several evenings, we can work with your drama group; encourage them, build and renew their confidence, and give them tested methods that will continue to work for them.  While developing stage poise, body and voice control and character analysis, students can gain personal self-confidence and deeper understanding of human behavior.



Who ministers to the:
• Ministers?
• Church boards?
• Deacons?
• Elders?
• Prayer Ministry Team?
• Church School Teachers?

Very often leaders are expected to be mystically self-sustaining. But dry spells keep us in a constant search of the face of our Lord, the source and drive of our vision. Vision and focus need to be nurtured and strengthened.

We, in Covenant Players, know that need well. With a single program or a 1-2 day retreat, we will work with you to support the needs of your leadership.

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